Intermediate Plan

What’s included in the Intermediate Plan?


Both options in the Basic Plan  plus posts tailored to your audience and your goals, whether that is more likes, comments, or general engagement.

What you receive:

You will receive the report from the Basic Plan along with a three month posting schedule.   


After Delivery

After delivery of the schedule a 1 to 2 hour consultation will ensue.  This is to decide which goals you want to peruse with the Data from the Basic Plan.  This allows you to grow awareness in certain zip codes, audiences, or narrow a specific audience for certain posts. 

Who can benefit from the Intermediate Plan?

The Intermediate Plan takes the pressure off having to maintain a social media presence and run your store.  If you're looking to grow your brand awareness on social media this plan allows for that and provides tailored, scheduled posts to your pre-defined audience. A business with an established online presence can benefit from the Intermediate Plan by targeting the users who are engaged with the business page and ignore the rest.

How do we  start ?

Just like the Basic Plan, to start we’ll just need to collect the usernames and passwords for your social media channels before we can begin. It’s seriously that easy. Once we’ve received those from you, you’ll receive your audit from us within two weeks.  Upon delivery we'll schedule the consultation over your business goals with the posts and which areas you would like to target.

Need it delivered sooner? That can be arranged too.


Why is the length for the Intermediate Plan three months?

In order to see measurable results we need a minimum of three months with content being posted in a controlled schedule. Seasons, holidays, and other events can heavily influence a social media account page for one month or a shorter time period.  However over a three month or longer period you can see an average trend based on current controlled posting methods.


I went with the Intermediate Plan and our audience has grown and page interactions have increased,  what is next?

The Professional Plan goes beyond interaction posts and custom tailored audience posts.  The Professional Plan dives into sale conversions, using social media ads to drive customers to proper landing pages.

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