Marketing in 2020

Before we start, thank you for reading our first blog! We hope to continue these and that they provide guidance to those who have common questions and even those who have more specific questions.

Marketing in 2020 has transitioned to new and older pre-existing digital platforms. Almost 100%, so we'll say above 80% of these platforms are on some type of social media site. There are different ways to market on yourself, product, and company on each one. We'll make posts later on about how to market on each platform so make sure you follow our blog posts. Below are the top 5 issues I have personally seen from clients and self-assigned case studies.

  1. Consistency plays a larger part in customer/view retention. Any type of posts that you do should be planned out in advance. A week to 4 days is standard, but if they're for events or special releases you will want to build up a month or two of posts leading up to that key event.

Once you plan out your posts the next thing to do is schedule those. In general you want to post a maximum of two times a day. Every day. That can be quite daunting even for medium size businesses, so we recommend at least three times a week. This does a couple of things to most algorithms. It keeps you in peoples feed and it lets anyone who follows you know you're active. As soon as you're less active the feed will show you to less and less people.

2. High quality images or video are a must. I know we have all watched that commercial where something just didn't look right. Or the image on our phone that is so blurry we can't tell what it is. High quality images give a better representation of the product or service and should by itself give some explanation of the product. On the other end if it is a low quality image it may lead to more concern from customers than you want.

3. Licensed content vs creating your own content is a big issue that small businesses may not be aware of. T-shirt makers, tumbler makers, to those who manufacture product on CNC machines all face this problem.

If you have a product that you make, either you or a professional photographer should capture the media around it.

Many products and services may already exist and you can use different types of existing media to market them. There different license types from Contribution 3.0 to those that require you to mention the link where you downloaded the image or video from.

We have saw products pulled from Amazon due to misuse of a licensed photo so it is a serious matter, which can some times lead to court depending on the damages.

4. Personal life and your business. To mix them or not that is the question. Ignoring outliers (celebrities/million plus followers) it is a better practice to keep your personal life away from the business. Personal success, family additions, or something else positive is fine. These types of posts need to be humble and heartwarming. No one cares if you bought a new car(unless you're talking about how you upgraded the company car to travel to farther customers).

When customers or future contractors visit your page they see all of these things. Make sure what they see is some one they want to support.

These are all situation dependent, but for the most part you do not want drama on the business page. This leads us into point 5.

5. Reviews can make or break you, never delete them, good or bad. Most people fear a negative review. However those are the most positive things a business can receive. First it is a chance to improve the business. Second you're given a second opportunity to make a customers experience better. Reply what you can publicly until it needs to be a private message. No matter what don't delete reviews.

You can't make everyone happy and some times you will have customer that you can't satisfy. Business owners have to quickly identify these people so the minimum amount of time can be spent on them.

One of the first things potential customers do is lookup reviews. If they see you are a caring company it will increase their likelihood of visiting or following your content.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. This may seem like a short list, but overall a very inclusive list that applies to all industries no matter what you do. If you run a business all of these concepts should be in the back of your head.

Please share with other business owners and people you think might enjoy this. Every Saturday we will have a new blog posted that shares information that has been earned the hard way.


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