Professional Plan

What’s included in the Professional Plan?

The Professional Plan stands on it own.  The Professional Plan is centered around running tailored ads that drive sales and leads. 

What you receive:

You will receive a 3-6 month ad plan that at max is over 3 products or services your company provides.   Each product/service will have multiple tailored audiences depending on habits, demographics,  and similar interests.


How do we  start ?

We meet initially to discus your companies goals and which product/service you would  like to center the ads around.  Just like the Basic Plan, to start we’ll just need to collect the usernames and passwords for your social media channels before we can begin. It’s seriously that easy. Once we’ve received those from you, we can start running the tailored ads.

After The Meeting?

After the meeting we come up with a tailored time table of the order to run the ads, when, and for how long to run each ad.  Once we have that schedule created, it is sent to you and upon approval we begin running the tailored ads.

Who can benefit from the Professional Plan?

The Professional Plan moves past growing company awareness and dives into generating sales; making social media earn revenue. A  pre-defined audience is created from our proprietary template.  Any business who wants a solid understanding of their customers, their habits, and their reasons to purchase  can benefit from this. 


Why is the length for the Professional Plan 3 to 6  months?

In order to see measurable results we need a minimum of three months with ads being posted in a controlled schedule. Seasons, holidays, and other events can heavily influence a social media ad effectiveness.  In addition to this most companies do not have an "ideal" customer defined for their ads team.  We create these customer profiles and measure which ones resonate more with your products/services. 


I went with the Professional Plan and our time is up,  what is next?

After the Professional Plan there a few options available.  The obvious one being you can renew or start a new 3 to 6 month Professional Plan for new products/services.   The other options include doing a comparative analysis on whether or not the ads increased sales enough compared to what was being done previously.  

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